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World Breastfeeding Week  

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orld Breastfeeding Week Around the World

The World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is the greatest outreach vehicle for the breastfeeding movement, being celebrated in over 120 countries. Officially it is celebrated from 1–7 August. However, groups may choose other dates to make it a more successful event in their countries.

Sharing your wonderful work will show linkage and solidarity with the global WBW campaign. Send your reports, materials you have produced, photos and we will create a webpage for you which you can use to further promote your WBW activities to waba@streamyx.com


WBW 2007 Synchronized Breastfeeding Worldwide!
Congrats to all over 10,000 motherbabies for making this event a success!

 Over 10,000 mothers and babies in 14 countries joined efforts to breastfeed in a global synchronized breastfeeding project on 8 August 2007, which was organized in conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week. The event, carried out at 325 sites in 14 countries at 10am their local time, attracted 10,103 motherbabies. A total of 9,826 motherbaby pairs successfully latched on for one minute. Click here to read more about the Synchronized Breastfeeding Worldwide. Also visit the website for more information and materials www.breastfeedingworld.net.   


UNICEF Afghanistan and the Ministry of Public Health are producing some IEC materials, including translation of the Action Folder. They are also planning for activities such as contests between schools. Contact: Zakia Maroof, zmaroof@unicef.org


The Dr. Juan Munuce Hospital of Jacinto Arauz will conduct a logotype contest in high schools, colouring programme for kindergarten kids, involving grandparents for the celebration at an old folks home, and make announcements and interactions with the public via radio. Contact: Dr. Gerardo Ruibal, ruibal76@cooparauz.com.ar


The Bangladesh Breastfeeding Foundation (BBF) organized a launching for WBW 2007, 
followed by a seminar, in Dhaka which was attended by about 900 participants. Among its partners for the event were 
Plan Bangladesh, UNICEF, Dutch Bangla Bank and Concern Bangladesh. BBF also organized seminars, meetings
and exhibitions on the theme and other breastfeeding issues in many colleges and hospitals They also issued a press release, 
highlighting the fact that every year, Bangladesh loses 120,000 newborns within the first 28 days of life and that 37,000 newborn deaths
could be averted if all newborns in the country were  to breastfeed within one hour of birth. 
Contact: Jolly Khannam, info@bbf-bd.org 
Bangladesh: WBW 2007


In Belgium, the slogan ENN WARM WELKOM which means ‘Give Mothers and Babies a Warm Welcome’ was used as they would like to focus more on the health and welfare of the babies and mother-friendly support during labour and birth. Vereniging Begeleiding en Bevordering van Borstvoeding (VBBB) updated their website http://www.vbbb.be/week2007.html with WBW materials in Dutch and Flemish. ContactL Els Flies, secretariaat@vbbb.be

For the French speaking part of Belgium, Infor-Allaitement provided information on the theme and listed the activities planned for WBW in August and 1-7 October http://www.infor-allaitement.be/SMAM/index.php. The National Committee for Breastfeeding produced WBW posters in the three national languages which were sent to all maternity wards, paedatricians and professional organizations. Contact: Liliane Schaner, liliane.schaner@infor-allaitement.be

Bosnia & Herzegovina

In Tuzla, several round table discussions were held on the WBW theme, particularly on the benefits of colostrum and barriers to early breastfeeding initiation. Breastfeeding promotions were also carried out in the mass media including TV, radio and newspapers. Contact: Selma Softic, ssoftic@hotmail.com


IBFAN Brasil organised a seminar attended by about 200 health professionals, mothers and even sensitising some baby food industries representatives on the importance of initiation of breastfeeding in saving babies’ lives. Contact: Tereza Toma, ttoma@isaude.sp.gov.br

 The Hospital Maternidade Nova Friburgo will print the translated Action Folders into Portuguese for disemmination to professionals and the community of Nova Friburgo and share the materials online with the Breastfeeding Committee of the Brazil Pediatrician Society. They will conduct a BFHI course with eighteen theoretical and practical hours inviting health professionals as well as elderly women of our community that will cooperate in breastfeeding group activities with pregnant women and mothers at the hospitals and at the health care units. These women will be called “Baby Friendly Grandmothers” or “Breastfeeding Friendly Grandmothers”.

 To promote an event at a main square  of our city, Praça Demerval Barbosa Moreira, with participation of many partner institutions, developing activities like lactation consult for pregnant women and mothers, music presentation, exercises, theatre, distribution of translated folders of WBW and t-shirts with the WBW slogan for professionals and people present. Contact: Rosane Pereira, rosanesvp@uol.com.br

Nova Friburgo Breastfeeding Doll used in the WBW events

 The group Aleitamento Materno: Um gesto que salva milhões de vidas consist of a group of university pharmacy students. They will carry out WBW activities in the city of Barra do Garças, Mato-Grosso state, like lectures in schools and pregnancy’s groups  and distribution of materials. With examples like this other college’s students would feel motivated to promote the breastfeeding, exerting an ideal association: academic knowledge in favour of the community. Contact: Nair Bizão, amamentacao_ufmt@yahoo.com.br

The Brasilian Minister of Health, José Gomes Temporão, launched the WBW celebration in Brasil on 1 August. He stressed the importance of doctors’ and fathers’ roles in ensuring successful breastfeeding. The Ministry of Health also produced many materials, such as the Action Folder in Portuguese and attractive breastfeeding posters. WBW also attracted press coverage (see interview here) http://video.globo.com/Videos/Player/Noticias/0,,GIM710345-7823-MAES+INCENTIVAM+AMAMENTACAO,00.html.  Currently, Brasil has 197 milk banks in all states and 183 in the Federal District. In 2006, 112,625 liters of human milk had been collected and donated for 90,175 mothers and 131,613 babies. Contact: Marina Rea, marifrea@usp.br, Tereza Toma, ttoma@isaude.sp.gov.br


IBFAN Bulgaria launched WBW with a press conference with the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency. 20 representatives of TV, RADIO stations and newspapers covered the event and the WBW 2007 theme. Other activities included sharing of breastfeeding stories on the website, sharing of pictures of breastfed children, and connecting with mother to mother support groups all over the country. IBFAN Bulgaria also represented data from their monitoring in January-June 2007 on the breastfeeding rate in the 1st hour, exclusive breastfeeding up till 6 months and the problems encountered at Baby Friendly Hospitals in Bulgaria. The Action Folder and other materials were translated into Bulgarian. Visit their website at www.bebe.bg. Contact: Roumjana Modeva and Mariela Todorova, ibfanbg@rtsonline.net


The ICH (Integrated Child Health) Project is a Child Survival Project based in 3 administrative districts of Siem Reap. As part of the national celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, the project will be holding an activity in the local town of Puok, featuring a round table discussion with breast feeding experts, songs and poems about breast feeding made up and performed by Cambodian Red Cross women volunteers, interviews with model mothers and role plays about breast feeding. In addition, they will be holding a bottle amnesty and inviting people to hand in any baby feeding bottles, which will then be destroyed and a new krama (scarf) given in exchange with the World Breastfeeding Week quotation printed on it. Contact: Liz Andrews, lizincambodia@gmail.com


About 20 organisations in Cameroon, including ministries, UN agencies, NGOs and universities collaborate for WBW. The Ministry of Health along with partners such as Cifas and Cameroon Link organized a WBW launching ceremony at the University Teaching Hospital of Yaounde, presided by the Minister of Public Health, Urbain Olangueno Awono, (picture below) in the presence of Mr Jacques Boyer, Representative of the Regional Head of UNICEF and other major authorities and non governmental organisations. Cifas’ Mother Support Groups from different towns, as far as the locality of Bafia (120kms away from Yaounde) were also present.

Cifas organised a march and had a large stand to share their experiences with the public. They also celebrated in other venues and rural towns such as Bafia and Leboudi throughout WBW. Cifas were also invited as guests in many radio and television programs. Contact: David Mbas, cifas_am@yahoo.fr  

The Action Folder was translated into six local languages. Cameroon Link translated it into Pidgin, Douala, Yabassi and Bassa, and Cifas translated it into Eton and Bafia. Activities include information meeting with media, broadcasting and quizzes in radio programmes at peak hours in local languages, outreach to pregnant women and mothers, and talks to sensitise fathers to provide support for breastfeeding. Contact: James Achanyi, camlink2001@yahoo.com  

The Cameroon Breastfeeding Promotion Taskforce (CBP Taskforce), involving 18 independent health associations and organisations, also revamped its actions and initiated a plan of action for the period 2008 – 2012. With the support of health partners of Cameroon, the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative has also been relaunched. Apart from all these decisions, the government has elaborated its road map for the reduction of infant mortality within the context of the Millennium Development Goals and the national infant and young child directives. Contact Task Force National Coordinator: James Achanyi, camlink2001@yahoo.com



Canada celebrates WBW on 107 October. The Quintessence Foundation continues to organize the 7th Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge to largest number of motherbaby breastfeeding in a geographic region on 30 September. Last year, they had 4687 motherbaby pairs breastfeeding at 156 sites across North America. Visit www.babyfriendly.ca for more info. This Challenge encompasses ALL of Canada, so if you want to participate, contact Frances Jones, fjones@cw.bc.ca

 INFACT Canada produces the INFACT’s annual WBW kit to assist breastfeeding advocates in Canada in their WBW celebrations. Visit www.infactcanada.ca. Contact: Betty Sterken: esterken@infactcanada.ca

 Meanwhile, in Montreal, Sandra is planning to initate a Breastfeeding Week Programe for the northern aboriginal communities in Quebec. Contact Sandra Gentili: sgentili@sympatico.ca.  The Public Health Department in the Niagara Region are also planning some activities and to produce some materials including buttons. Contact: Sarah Gosse: sarah.gosse@regional.niagara.on.ca.

In Montreal, the
West Island Breastfeeding Regional Sub-Committee organized a WBW event on 3 October at the Galeries des Sources. The event will include workshops for moms, breastfeeding information and a raffle.  There will be lactation consultants, breastfeeding support mothers and post-natal nurses at the event to answer any questions and promote breastfeeding. Contact Dominique Godin, domee73@hotmail.com

The Cambridge Community Breastfeeding Group, in collaboration with the Public Health Waterloo, YMCA Cambridge, Cambridge Memorial Hospital and Soroptimist International hosted a talk on the theme by Dr. Jack Newman. On 2 October, they also organized the 3rd annual Cambridge Community Breastfeeding Challenge for mothers and babies to breastfeeding together at the same time. Contact: Tania Heinemann, contact@yellowood.org


The Ministry of Health organized a breastfeeding training course for about 120 doctors and head nurses from 15 provinces from  6th –8th August in Xi'an, Shanxi province, in conjunction with WBW. Officers from WHO, UNICEF and China Consumer Association also attended the sessions. Breastfeeding advocate Ding Bing gave a presentation on WABA and its activities, with a message from WABA Co-Director Susan Siew. China consumer association has shown a survey just finished last month on the meeting that the breastfeeding rate for 6 month only 52.4%. Contact: Ding Bing, bjdingbing@gmail.com

 Costa Rica

More than 300 mothers took to the train and began breast feeding their infants in the "Mamatren" that took place on Saturday as part of a world movement to promote breastfeeding. The train left the Rincón Grande, Pavas, station on the west side of San José, at 8:30am, making its way to San Pedro and back, accompanied by the music of Fernando Zumbado, Ministro de Vivienda (housing minister), playing the accordion. The celebration was part of the World Breastfeeding Week. Zumbado said that for him the Mamatrén is a strategy to promote breastfeeding in the home, work and community. It is estimated that Costa Rican mothers produce some 47 million litres of breast milk annually that could be valued at us$29 million dollars, representing a savings of between 19% and 37% of the family income, not having to spend on baby formula and bottles. Contact: Jose Quiros, josequiroscr@yahoo.com

For Spanish materials such as the Action Folder, Calendar and others, please visit http://www.cefemina.org/punto_focal_wabalac/introduccion.html. Contact: Marta Trejos and Jose Quiros,


The Akti Project and Research Centre and the Nicosia Breastfeeding Support Group are planning to join the Synchronised Breastfeeding Worldwide on 8 August 10am, with a group of motherbaby breastfeeding at the same time in Nicosia. Contact: Irene Paphiti-Demetriou, dripd@cytanet.com.cy


UNICEF Ecuador is advocating the importance of breastfeeding to the government through their Ninoesperanza Campaign. Contact: Geraldine Boezio, gboezio@unicef.org


Aktionsgruppe Babynahrung (AGB) is translating the Action Folder into German. Contact: Roswitha, actionbabyfood@oln.comlink.apc.org

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Breastfeeding Mothers' Association is dedicating its next newsletter to WBW under the section of "Breastfeeding Support for Working Parents" & "World Breastfeeding Week". Contact: Alice Wu, Editor, moubb@netvigator.com


The Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India (BPNI) produced materials for India in English, Hindi and Kannada. Other materials are also available on IBFAN Asia’s website. The key writer of the Action Folder, Arun Gupta, presented on the theme (to download, click on ‘Downloads’ at homepage) at the GOLD 07 free worldwide online conference. He was also a guest on a television talk show on Lok Sabha Channel on 4 August.

BPNI organized a rally on 1st August 2007 at 9 a.m. urging advocates to send a petition to the chief minister of their respective states and submit a copy to their MLA/ district collector with as many signatures as possible. This ONE action would act as a catalyst for mass awareness of the benefits of Early Initiation of Breastfeeding and Exclusive Breastfeeding. The rally would be a mega-event with mass participation of mothers, doctors, nurses, NGOs, school teachers and children with full media coverage. The first 100 respondents, who organize a rally, would get a prize of Rs 1000 after submission of the report and a photograph of the event. Contact: Been Bhatt, bpni@bpni.org, Websites: www.bpni.org, www.ibfanasia.org   

IBFAN Asia is compiling info for initiation of breastfeeding within one hour for WBW 2007. They produced the State of the World’s Breastfeeding Report Card for quick reference as to how countries are faring in their initiation rate. Visit www.ibfanasia.org. Contact: Beena Bhatt, beena@ibfanasia.org  

 UNICEF Maharasthra and BPNI (Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India) Maharasthra in collaboration with the Government of Maharasthra and Health Education To Villages (HETV) made a video and a dossier on a novel, evidence based and cost effective miraculous method to initiate breastfeeding – the nature’s way. This method is called ‘Breast Crawl’. Video and dossier are available on http://breastcrawl.org. Contact: Prashant Gangal, psgangal@hotmail.com, Rajlakshmi Nair, rnair@unicef.org 

In Surat, Gujerat, the Perinatology Forum of Surat, Sheth P.T. Mahila College and IAP Surat organized various WBW activities. They organized breastfeeding awareness for youth and college students to promote a peer group method of awareness in prospective parents. Competitions such as power point presentations, poster presentations and quiz were organized for youths. The organisers also conducted awareness programs in social groups like ladies clubs, social clubs, community groups and religion groups. Updates for doctors and health workers through the Family Physicians Association, other local doctors club, and  nurses and paramedics at various hospitals were given. A phone-in talk show on local TV channel was held and media reporters helped to cover the events and create awareness. For Anganwadi workers, a gathering was organized by Surat Municipal Corporation. The Menopausal Club of Surat also arranged a session on the roles of grandmothers in influencing their younger family members to breastfeed. Contact: Ketan Bharadva, doctorketan@gmail.com

In Pondicherry, Tamizhosai Radio Youth and Science Forum observed several WBW activities, some of which were covered by state television network Doordarshan Kendra. Breastfeeding awareness events were also organized at primary health centres whereby pregnant and breastffeeding women had their queries on breastfeeding answered. Besides that, they also carried out activities in learning institutions. A quiz contest covering various aspects of breastfeeding actions around the world was held at the Mother Theresa Institute of Health Sciences. At the Loyola Teacher Training Institute, there were speeches and showings of videos. Contact: K. Gounasegar, gounasegar@sancharnet.in         

In Punjab, the Punjab Civil Medical Services and the Ludhiana chapters of Indian Medical Association, Indian Academy of Pediatrics and Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India submitted a petition to the Chief Minister through the Deputy Commissioner, Ludhiana. Besides that, workshops and lectures were also conducted with participation from state officers, nursing students and grassroot workers. A community radio station also recorded a programme on breastfeeding which was aired during WBW. Contact: Rajinder Gulati, rajinder_gulati@hotmail.com


India: WBW 2007


Yayasan Susu Ibu Indonesia is translating the Action Folder into Indonesian language. Contact: Dien Besar, dien_besar@hotmail.com

 CARE International Indonesia Aceh in collaboration with Indonesia Lactation Center/SELASI is organizing activities like training courses and print IEC materials. Contact: Mardewi Asib, mardewi_asib@careind.or.id

 Mercy Corps Indonesia started a project called Healthy Start Program to improve breastfeeding in Indonesia, particularly in the urban North Jakarta district. They are also conducting a seminar on the theme for healthcare providers. Contact: Diba Jafar, fjafar@id.mercycorps.org


In Northern Ireland, the Antrim Hospital focused on the father’s role for their WBW celebration in May. Contact: Gillian Anderson, Gillian.Anderson@northerntrust.hscni.net


Italy is celebrating its WBW from 1 to 14 October. In Milan, there will be a convention, talks, community debates, appreciation of artworks, distribution of materials, honouring of breastfeeding mothers and babies, and a press conference. Contact: MAMI, info@mami.org  

In Novacella, on 29 September, there will be a interdisciplinary study on breastfeeding. Contact: Karin Planker, walterobexer@virgilio.it  

MAMI is translating the Action Folder into Italian. For materials in Italian, visit http://www.mami.org/sam/sam_07/idee_07.html. Contact Elise Chapin, elise.chapin@gmail.com.  

UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre (IRC) which is based in Italy has prepared and distributed a communications package containing downloadable publications and posters in several languages such as Chinese, English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish at their website http://www.unicef-irc.org/article.php?type=2&id_article=65. The publication "Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Innocenti Declaration on the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding" and the Innocenti Declaration 2005 pamphlet are also available. The UNICEF IRC website also has a link to a recent study published in Pediatrics journal, entitled ‘Delayed Breastfeeding Initiation Increases Rick of Neonatal Mortality", which promotes early initiation of breastfeeding. The study found that breastfeeding in the first hour of birth can prevent 22% of newborn deaths. The package prepared can help programme officers, health professionals, nutrition specialists, non-governmental organizations, Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative partners and others in their advocacy efforts around breastfeeding. Contact: Salvador Herencia, sherencia@unicef.org


The Breastfeeding Support Network of Japan translated the Action Folder into Japanese. They also coordinate the Synchronised Breastfeeding Worldwide project on 8 August in Japan, with 25 sites and more than 60 motherbabies. Contact: Hiroko Kotake, hiroko@jca.apc.org


The Maseno Public Health hopes to undertake to promote breastfeeding among the communities including circulating of posters/fliers and other translated materials that will help to create awareness on the importance of breastfeeding among women, their spouses and the entire community. The Action Folder will be translated into Swahili, Luo and Luhya languages. They will also call for a baraza (community meeting) where we will have key resource persons disseminate information and sensitize the community on the importance of breastfeeding. A training session will also follow whereby spouses (fathers) and caregivers will be targeted particular to encourage the partners to offer support to the mothers and allow them time to breastfeed. Visits will be made to the homes to check as a follow-up and also to ensure that a conducive environment exists for mothers to safely breastfeed. Contact: Susan Keino, sansue_za@yahoo.com


The Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Korean Society of Pediatrics, the Korean Society of Breastfeeding Medicine, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and the Planned Population Federation of Korea are joining hands to celebrate WBW. An event was organised on 4 August with talks, including from a mother who had exclusively breastfed preterm triplets who told her story of struggle and joy. There were also entertainment such as magic shows and choir performances. The event attracted a turnout of nearly 300 participants, of which 20% were fathers. Many pregnant women also came with their mothers who support them. The Korean Society of Pediatrics and the Planned Population Federation of Korea also appointed 31 pediatricians who will serve as the cyber advisers to mothers on all aspects of breastfeeding through online consultation throughout the year at www.mom-baby.org and www.pediatrics.or.kr. Contact: Cho Su Jin, sujin-cho@ewha.ac.kr

Citizens’ Alliance for Consumer Protection of Korea (CACPK) adapted the Action Folder into Korean. Contact: Kim Jai Ok, jokim@consumerskorea.org

Korea: WBW 2007


Initiativ Liewensufank is translating the Action Folder. Contact: Maryse Lehners-Arendt, secretariat@liewensufank.lu


Madagascar celebrates its National Breastfeeding Week from 17-23 September. In conjunction with that, its Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes will be reviewed by key authorities of the government. Contact: Paola Valenti, pvalenti@unicef.org 


WABA organized the Penang chapter of the Synchronised Breastfeeding Worldwide. The event was held at the Penang Caring Complex on 8 August. It was a successful inaugural event with 60 motherbaby pairs breastfeeding simultaneously for one minute at 10am. Representatives from eight newspapers came to cover the event. Besides breastfeeding, there participants had fun with games, quizzes and information sessions. Susu Ibu Malaysia also held a synchronized breastfeeding in Kuala Lumpur at several sites, on the same date and same time, with 128 motherbaby pairs in total. Other hospitals organizing their WBW events are Adventist Hospital on 5 August at Gurney Plaza, and Seberang Jaya Hospital on 3 August. Contact: WABA, waba@streamyx.com 

Breastfeeding Information Bureau (BIB) is translating the Action Folder into Bahasa Malaysia. Contact: Siti Norjinah Moin, norjinah@hotmail.com

UNICEF Malaysia dedicated their website to breastfeeding in the month of August. They featured information and resources on breastfeeding, an opinion piece by Anwar Fazal, Chairperson Emeritus of WABA, and testimonies from a working mother and a proud mother who breastfed 12 years ago. Visit www.unicef.org/malaysia in August for info and interviews with mothers on breastfeeding. Contact: Indra Kumari Nadchatram, inadchatram@unicef.org

The Public Media Agency will target young urban Malaysian women in their communication tools for WBW. They will produce an online dedicated Breastfeeding Blog site supported by additional audio-visual web-technologies. It will be developed for young urban women target with localized and practical content under the headings feature story area, photo gallery area, video area, breastfeeding info area, free downloads and list area. They will also produce a Breastfeeding Promotional Video of: 15 seconds to be distributed via “YouTube” and aired on a local channel. Visit their website at www.breastfeedlah.org. Contact: Adeline James, publicmedia.agency@gmail.com

Penang Adventist Hospital is having a mass gathering of breastfeeding mothers, babies and families and various family competitions on 5 August 2007 2-5pm at Level 7, Gurney Plaza. Contact: Chun Teik Lan, ChunTeikLan@pah.com.my

Penang: WBW 2007

Adventist Hospital - WBW 2007



MAPBIN issued a press release for WBW which was also posted on the Afrik website www.afrik.com/article12209.html.  Radio France International, which broadcasts news in French in Africa, interviewed MAPBIN, giving WBW a wider coverage. MAPBIN also made public their report on Code violations in Mauritius. Contact: Mosadeq Sahebdin, mosadeq53@intnet.mu


The Organización Panamericana de la Salud featured an article on breastfeeding on their website http://www.mex.ops-oms.org. Contact: Mathilde Duchez, duchezma@mex.ops-oms.org

In Chiapas, IBFAN Mexico organized various breastfeeding awareness workshops for new and soon-to-be parents. Lectures and conferences were also conducted for health workers. Two radio stations broadcasted interviews and programmes covering various breastfeeding issues such as birthing, health, work, education and human rights. Contact: Paloma Lerma Bergua, ibfanmex@hotmail.com

Mexico: WBW 2007

Mexico: WBW 2007


In Kathmandu, Nepali NGO Chhimeki organized three consecutive mass breastfeeding events. A total of 655 motherbaby pairs breastfed at the events which were attended by 1,330 mothers and locals. Following each of the event, the mothers were offered a hot bowl of nutritious Kwanti soup. Besides that, eleven public street dramas were staged, viewed by more than 4,000 community members. The 20-minute long drama was based on the WBW 2007 theme and involved 12-15 volunteers. Earlier in the year, Chhimeki Nepal provided a week-long training on street theatre to its volunteers. WBW received good press coverage in the print media, radio and TV. Contact: Gauri Giri, chhimeki@wlink.com.np

Nepal Television produced a documentary on breastfeeding which was broadcasted during WBW. Contact: Neeta Shapkota, forneeta@hotmail.com

Nepal: WBW 2007


La Leche League Netherlands translated the theme into: Pasgeboren: niet storen! (Newborn; don't disturb!). They work together with the 4 other breastfeeding organisations in the Netherlands to promote WBW. They work together with the National HealthFood and Nutrition Department on the development of a glossy magazine on
breastfeeding for first-time pregnant women. A beautful photo-shoot of a newborn accompanies a poster-campaign in health-care-institutes. Contact: Lydia de Raad, 
PR@lalecheleague.nl Visit: www.borstvoeding.nl, http://www.lalecheleague.nl/Actueel/Actueel.html

 New Zealand

Women’s Health is planning to join the Synchronised Breastfeeding Worldwide on 8 August at 10am. They are also adapting the WBW materials for use in New Zealand. Contact: Louise James, louise@womens-health.org.nz


Keita Niger, a community-based project on nutrition in Niger, is adapting the WBW posters. Contact: Félicien Muhire, rwafel@hotmail.com


Colostrum International will be conducting road shows, free seminars and the annual colostrums baby shows and the Nigerian Baby Pageant in Lagos. They are also having such events in various towns to reach out to communities across the country. Contact: Bunmi Ogundimu, colostruminternational@yahoo.com


Blue Veins (Women Welfare & Relief Services) are translating the Action Folder. Contact: Qamar Naseem, bveins@hotmail.com

In Pakistan, the infant mortality rate is 74/1,000 live births indicating that around 400,000 babies are likely to die during their first year of life. In conjunction with WBW, a week long drive of mass awareness and advocacy was launched by The Network for Consumer protection in Pakistan with the following activities:
         A press briefing on WBW was held on 1 August. The importance of the theme was highlighted in at least 12 newspapers in Urdu and English.
         WBW posters in English and Urdu were displayed and distributed at health facilities by the 3000 members of The Network throughout the country. News items and articles were written for the print media.
         Contacts were made with TV channels to air news and views on the importance of breastfeeding. Executive Coordinator of The Network, Dr. Talib Lashari, along with Chairperson Breastfeeding Steering Committee (Sindh Province), Prof. Dure Samin Akram, were invited as guests for a TV program by HUM Television.
         A consultative meeting on “Breastfeeding: A Key Element for Achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)” was held on 6 August. The Director General of Health, Maj-Gen (retired) Shahida Malik and WHO Country Director Dr. Khalif Bile Mohammad were among the partners who addressed the meeting. The event was covered in 9 Pakistani newspapers.

Contact:   Talib Lashari, lashari@thenetwork.org.pk, and Rubina Bhatti, rubinabhatti@thenwetwork.org.pk

               Dr. Talib Lashari and Prof. Dure Samin Akram speaking on the importance of breastfeedingon a TV program in Karachi.

Pakistan: WBW 2007


The Children for Breastfeeding, in partnership with WABA, is coordinating the Synchronised Breastfeeding Worldwide project, to encourage breastfeeding advocates around the world to breastfeed on 8 August, 10am in their respective countries. They also provided informational support to country groups that would like to take part. Countries that will be organizing the Synchronised Breastfeeding Worldwide are: Philippines, New Zealand, Greece, India, USA, Uganda, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, and the list will grow.  In the Philippines, Children of Breastfeeding will organize a series of public events leading to 8 August at SM Supermalls. Contact: Nona Andaya-Castillo, children_for_breastfeeding@yahoo.com

 The NCCC Mall is opening yet another Sulok Kalinga (Breastfeeding Station and Employees Child Care Center) for both customers and employees to provide much needed support for parents. Contact: Joel Philips Macrohon II, jpmmac2004@yahoo.com


The Polish Program for Development and Awareness Raising is translating the Action Folder. They will also be producing 7000 leaflets and posters. Besides printed materials, they will launch the webpage that would be useful for young generation to view. They will also encourage hospitals in Lower Silesia region to follow the 10 Steps of BFHI strictly. Contact: Katarzyna Stasiak, ppda6@hotmail.com


La Pieptul Mamei (LPM - “at mother’s breast” in Romanian) will publicly launch itself in Romania’s Jiu coal-mining Valley, and across the country. WBW 2007 activities planned include translation, printing and distribution of 40 posters and 300  brochures to 2 Jiu Valley hospitals, 10 medical offices, 10 pharmacies, and communal areas. They will also officially lunch Romania’s first exclusive pro-breastfeeding website www.LaPieptulMamei.ro via press releases and parenting Internet sites and magazines. Also on is the La Pieptul Mamei Open House, inviting mothers and medical professionals for a breastfeeding presentation and invitation to attend weekly LPM meetings for ongoing breastfeeding and parenting support. Contact: Monica Popescu, monica_vieru@noi-orizonturi.ro
Dr. Constanta Popescu spoke passionately about the many benefits of breastfeeding to mother, child, and society, and the hard work that needs to be done to promote breastfeeding in Romania.

South Africa

The Johannesburg Hospital in South Africa is celebrating WBW by holding a special informative day on the 1st of August. Each ward in the Obstetric and Gynaecology as well as the Paediatric wards are taking part in the celebration by decorating a table in the main hallway of the hospital. Members of the wards will also be available throughout the day informing mothers, fathers and other members of the families about breastfeeding and the benefits. They are also holding a baby competition for all the infants under 6 months. The infants will have their photo taken while the mothers answer an easy breastfeeding question. Contact: Chantal Walsh CP, 12619094@student.nwu.ac.za


About 80,000 people will visit the four-day Feria Biocultura de Madrid this year on 22-25 November. La Liga de la Leche de Madrid will have a booth at the fair to promote the WBW 2007 theme with billboards, gifts and brochures. BFHI in Spain also promotes the WBW via its website www.ihan.org.es. Contact:  Elvira Germana, elvirager@gmail.com

The group Enerca translated and adapted the Action Folder into Spanish for local circulation. They also involved consumer and women’s groups in their WBW celebrations. Contact: Helen Segura, segura_services@hotmail.com

 Sri Lanka

Sarvodaya Women’s Movement is translating the Action Folder into Sinhala and Tamil distributed it to the communities and in conducting training sessions for the media. A banner with the message “ Breastfeeding is Our Soul, it is Our Right to Feed Our Infants within 1st Hour” was also produced. They organized seminars, talks and community gatherings involving the government, and consumer and women’s groups. Grandmothers were involved as communicators of the WBW message. There were news and programmes in the print media and radio (Sri Lanka Broadcast Corp). Contact: Amara Peeris, seelasarvodaya@sltnet.lk

The Family Health Bureau (FHB) organized a media seminar on 1 Aug which was attended by more than 80 media personnel  representing major print and electronic media in Sri Lanka. Another National Seminar was also conducted on 6 August with participation by more than 200 healthcare workers and administrators. Both events were graced by the Hon. Minister of Healthcare and Nutrition. Contact: SSP Godakandage, bfpncu@yahoo.co.uk, sspgodakandage@yahoo.com


Sri Lanka: WBW 2007


Switzerland celebrates WBW from 1-7 October. The Swiss Foundation for the Promotion of Breastfeeding produced WBW outreach materials such as postcards and posters. Materials in German and French are available on their website www.stiftungstillen.ch. They began the celebration with an open day on 1 October with talks and family activities. Subsequently at 2pm, balloons with breastfeeding logos were released simultaneously. Contact: Birgitta Locher-Meyer, Monica Casutt, stiftungstillen@bluewin.ch Switzerland: WBW 2007


A small video of skin contact was produced http://www.breastfeedingtaiwan.org/zone_data.htm. Click on the icon right to 15MB, then you can download the film. It is less than 2 minutes. Contact: Chen Chao-Huei, joy1477@gmail.com


The Thai Breastfeeding Center and Childbirth and Breastfeeding Foundation of Thailand are translating the Action Folder into Thai, which is available on this website www.cbfthai.org. They also had an exhibition at the 8th Family Nursing Conference to promote the theme. More WBW activities carried out in Thailand can be found on www.thaibreastfeeding.com. Contact: Meena Sobsamai,

An animated public service announcement on initiating breastfeeding in the first hour was produced. The 45 second PSA is being shared through the UNICEF and WHO country offices globally as well as to other regional partners. The animated public service announcement, which was created by Kantana Animation Company in Thailand with support from UNICEF’s East Asia and Pacific Office and WHO Western Pacific Regional Office, will be made available globally in support of ongoing campaigns to promote breastfeeding. It is intended as the first in a series on child survival issues and can be broadcast free of charge. It can be viewed at www.unicef.org/eapro or http://www.wpro.who.int. Contact: Shantha Bloemen, sbloemen@unicef.org


Coconut Productions will produce five TV/Radio half hour programs addressing the following: the BFHI 10 steps, current patterns of breastfeeding in Tonga, lack of family & community support – what can we do?, promotion of breastfeeding-friendly policy in our national hospital, and looking a work place friendly policies for breastfeeding working mothers. They are also broadcasting a 30 second TV Spot to throughout WBW as the introduction to the TV/Radio half hour programs. Contact: ‘Ofa Likiliki, baby_ofa@yahoo.com


The Al-Qassimi Hospital which has the BFHI status since 2003, sets a good example in monitoring the rate of initiation of breastfeeding at the hospital emphasizing on skin-to-skin contact, thus consistently monitoring and improving the rates. They developed a form to assist in the monitoring activity. Contact: Sameera Khalid Al-Hamad, sameera_alhamad@hotmail.com

UAE celebrates its National Breastfeeding Week from 11-17 November in 2007. Breastfeeding Friends will be conducting educational and outreach activities during the week, such as exhibits at schools, hospitals and malls in Sharjah. They will also organize lectures, meetings and plays at schools. Up to 1000 ‘Congratulations Bag’ will be given during the week at the Al Qassimi Hospital, Al Zahra Hospital and Zulaikha Hospital for all new mothers. Contact: Mervat A. Al Aydi, marketing@bffriends.org


The Children in Africa is planning for a breastfeeding photo exhibition. In August, they also participated in the Synchronised Breastfeeding Worldwide project. Contact: Josephine, chilinafrica@yahoo.co.uk


In Birmingham, the Good Hope and Solihull Hospitals had a series of skin-to-skin photos taken of local mothers with their babies, some with fathers as well. These will be displayed around the maternity hospitals as portraits and developed into posters and a leaflet for distribution to pregnant women. Contact: Sue Dennett, susan.dennett@hearttofengland.nhs.uk

The Newcastle Breastfeeding Resource had a café photoshoot of breastfeeding mothers during WBW to show that mothers can have full and fun lives while breastfeeding and to promote the message that it is okay to breastfeed in public. As an outcome of the photoshoot, a charity calendar was produced, proceeds of which will benefit a local breastfeeding group. Over 30 additional images were also submitted. The local calendar was made, designed and supported by local mothers. To view the photos, visit http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/shemilt/breastfeeding_Newcastle.html. The website also has a list of breastfeeding-friendly cafes in Newcastle. Contact: Andrea Shemilt, newcastleBF@tiscali.co.uk

UK: WBW 2007

The Leeds branch of the National Childbirth Trust has been awarding 'breastfeeding welcome' stickers to venues that are breastfeeding friendly. So far they have awarded 250, details of which are on their website www.nctleeds.org. Contact: Kathryn, chair@nctleeds.org


La Leche League (LLL) in USA had updated its World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations Website with materials and information for those who would like to organize events in USA, complete with fundraising and publicity ideas www.lllusa/wbw/index.php. Find out from the website a complete listing of WBW happenings in USA. LLL USA, using the theme on the ‘Power of One’, gives rebates and has gift certificates from Amazon for contests between groups and chapters. Contact: ALLLthingsUSA@community.llli.org

 The International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) chose to focus their WBW on the importance of protecting the environment for mothers and infants during the first hours after birth with the slogan ‘Breastfeeding: The 1st Hour - Welcome Baby Softly’. This encourages allowance of infant to use all five of his heightened senses to get to know mother and father and greet his new world, which is a message that is perfect for hospitals, WIC agencies, public health programs, private clinics, and community celebrations. ILCA has a comprehensive spread of materials and promotional items, particularly their WBW Kit, to help its members plan an exciting and effective program. For more information, visit www.ilca.org/news/wbw.php

United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) publish a news item and other informational materials on breastfeeding on their website www.unicef.org/nutrition/index_40463.html# in conjunction with WBW.

 My Baby and More, an online group based in Baltimore, is hosting the 2nd Annual World Breastfeeding Week Book Release Challenge from August 1-31 whereby books on breastfeeding, including ‘how to’ books, subjects as breastfeeding advocacy and fiction with breastfeeding in the plot line, which are released in  places where pregnant or new mothers are likely to catch them. Last year, more than 150 books were released from all over the world, including the USA, Holland and Portugal. This year their goal is to at least double that number. Visit www.nearmamasheart.com for more information. Contact: Colleen Newman, owner@mybabyandmore.com   

Birmingham, Alabama: The Cooper Green Mercy Hospital will develop and distribute a brochure that provides accurate and culturally sensitive literature in a timely manner to mothers in labor and those who have just delivered emphasizing the importance of 1st hour breastfeeding, told from the baby’s perspective. They will also offer counseling and educational materials to mothers. These activities will benefit especially the African American and Spanish population and potential increase the rate. Contact: Angela Shorter, shortera@jccal.org 

 Bradenton, Florida: The Manatee County Health Department’s WIC & Nutrition Program celebrated the WBW by kicking off the week with a festive breastfeeding fair with balloons, prizes, educational info, displays and food. The WIC nutritionists had chats with moms on pumping, latch-ons, breastfeeding myths and benefits, among other activities.  Mothers also shared their experiences with each other. Contact: Débora D. Castañón, Debora_Castanon@doh.state.fl.us  

Fairfield, OH: Mercy Hospital Fairfield set up displays of balloons, posters, brochures, and balls printed with the image of Earth and the slogan "World Breastfeeding Week". Breastfeeding mothers at the hospital also received complimentary bibs and certificates of recognition for breastfeeding their babies. The Governor of Ohio also issued the Recognition Letter of Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Contact: Robin Hirth, RLHirth@health-partners.org

Greenwood, MS: The Mississippi State Department of Health District III Annex reproduced and distributed the Action Folder in English and Spanish, which were used in prenatal classes and health care professionals trainings. Several local events were held such as exhibitions, banquets and breastfeeding promotion in the mass media. They also involved other groups such as hospitals, consumer and women’s groups. Contact: Tawanda Collins, tawanda.collins@msdh.state.ms.us

 Houma, Louisiana: The LLL group teamed up with the local hospital to celebrate WBW with a Family Fun & Baby Fair on 18 August. They had speakers, silent auction items, vendors and lots of fun for the families. Contact: Susan Waldron, llllsusanla@gmail.com

 Indiana: The Indiana Mothers' Milk Bank, Inc. is celebrating World Breastfeeding Week in partnership with Indiana Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Office in Muncie, Indiana by opening a drop off site for mothers who are donating their breast milk to the milk bank for sick babies.  The Honorable Indiana First Lady Cheri Daniels will read a Proclamation from the State Governor declaring the first week of August as "Breastfeeding Awareness Week" for the state. Contact: Mary Alexander, malexan1@clarian.org

 Kingman, Ks: A group of committed mothers and doctors are planning for a WBW celebration around the theme Getting Back to Nature or Mammals, we are! Contact: Jae, byethanaarah@yahoo.com

 Mobile, Alabama: WIC reproduced and distributed the Action Folder. They involved the public through community gatherings, fairs and forums. They also organized seminars and promoted WBW on their website. These events reached policy makers, women and youth groups, hospitals and health groups. WBW also received some local media attention. Contact: Sabrina Miles, ladidragon77@hotmail.com

 New York City: New York City’s public hospital system announced this morning that it is no longer supplying free baby-formula samples in the gift bags it provides to new mothers. Instead, the new mothers will each be given a breastmilk bottle cooler, disposable nursing pads, breastfeeding tips and a baby T-shirt with the slogan “I Eat at Mom’s”. Breastfeeding coaches will accompany the mothers at bedside to help initiate breastfeeding within one hour of delivery. The hospital agency will also give out free breast pumps and make available hospital-grade electric breast pumps to mothers whose newborns have to remain in the hospital. Read more about it at http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/07/31/hey-moms-no-more-baby-formula-in-the-hospital-gift-bag/

 Ohio: Northeast Ohio Lactation Association is planning a WBW event at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on 6 August. Contact: ERenner@leadinglady.com 

Orange Parks, Florida: A hospital is planning to produce T-shirts for WBW. Contact: Mary Buskohl, ranger22@bellsouth.net

 Philadelphia: Temple Health Connection, the service arm of Temple University Department of Nursing, College of Health Professions is celebrating World Breastfeeding Day with celebrity spokesperson Lehronda Upshur from Power 99 in Philadelphia.  It will be held Thursday, Aug 2, 2007 at the Episcopal Hospital lobby, 100 E. Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia PA, 19125. There will be shout-outs, a mini informational health fair, raffles and refreshments. Contact: Rita Lourie, rlourie@temple.edu 

Sullivan, TN: WIC adapted the theme to “Universal Power of Breastfeeding”. WBW materials, particularly the poster, were put up on bulletin boards and distributed to WIC clients. Seminars and talks were organized, as well as community events such as fairs together with partners such as La Leche League and YWCA. WIC also provided information on the benefits of breastfeeding for working women to 10 local factories. They also held the Beautiful Breastfeeding Baby Contest with 33 babies participating. Local authorities, health groups and hospitals were also involved in the events. WBW in Sullivan received some press coverage. For WBW, the state of Tennessee Department of Health issued a media release on breastfeeding within the first hour. Contact:  Rose Fleenor, rfleenor@sullivanhealth.org


 Tucson, Arizona: There will be a Breastfeeding Walk and Breastfeeding Health Fair on August 3.  They are having a breastfeeding challenge between hospitals in Southern Arizona.  Hospitals have been challenged to put the baby to breast within one hour of delivery.  It is hoped that the hospital staff will realize it is not as difficult as one may think, and to also live up to the WBW theme and keep it going. Contact: Renee Palting, RPalting@umcaz.edu, WWW.azbreastfeeding.org  

 Valencia County: Valencia County WIC will partner with the Valencia County Breastfeeding Task Force in hosting our 5th annual community celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, August 3rd, 2007 from 4-6 pm at the Anna Becker Park in Belen.  This family event, which hosted over 200 people in 2006, is sponsored by the Center for Ageless Living/Garden Gate Day Spa and the City of Belen, and takes place during the Rio Abajo Grower's Market.  The 2007 celebration will feature mini-massages and spa certificates, among others.  They invite all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and their families, to join us at the celebration.  WIC will have a breastfeeding information/support booth at the event with one-on-one consultations/advice available from Laura Reeves and Deborah Boyles, both WIC IBCLCs. Deborah Boyles has also been interviewed by KNAT TV (Channel 23) regarding WBW, WIC and the Task Force's breastfeeding promotion activities.  Local physicians, dignitaries, and media representatives have been invited, and articles about WBW and Task Force services have been submitted to the local newspaper.  For in-house WBW activities, both WIC clinic staff will wear the tee-shirts provided on Friday, August 3rd, and throughout the week of August 1-7 will also hand out the infant tees. Contact: Deborah Boyles, Deborah.Boyles@state.nm.us

 SoHo Journal also announced the WBW on their website http://www.sohojournal.com/?p=461. Women’s eNews, an online women’s journal, also wrote an article on breastfeeding rights in conjunction with WBW.


The National Yemeni Midwives Association will distribute the world breast feeding week materials in Arabic to all 1200 Association members. They will also plan and implement at least 25 to 30 separate training sessions in hospitals/health centers in Sana'a and 22 governorates for midwives and health facility staff, during WBW, on early initiation in the first hour, as well as the 10 steps for successful breastfeeding/BFHI. Ccontact midwives will be assigned in each of the above hospitals or centers to follow up all deliveries and to provide early post delivery care within the first hour, and to encourage and assist newly delivered mothers especially primigravida in breast feeding. They will encourage Association members to conduct community celebrations and events relating to World Breastfeeding Week using the translated materials, inviting families, both fathers and mothers to participate.  Contact: Suad Saleh, SSaleh@pathfind.org

SPONSORSHIP:  We do not accept sponsorship of any kind from companies producing breastmilk substitutes, related equipment and complementary foods. We encourage all participants of World Breastfeeding Week to respect and follow this ethical stance.

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